Minnow Cinnetic Crafty Minnow F // 110mm / 12g

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2 Anchovies
11 HoloRainbow
Blue Sardine Pink
White Chartreuse Orange

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Description of Cinnetic Cinnetic Crafty Minnow F:

The sharp Cinnetic Crafty Minnow 110F head, large eyes and holographic scales give it a streamlined and natural look. Thanks to its slender silhouette and the mass transfer system, with only 12g of weight it is capable of reaching surprising distances , becoming an appetizing snack for those predators that do not seem determined to attack larger lures.

Its action, with a marked wob'n roll character, is fluid and balanced regardless of recovery speed.

Made of ABS plastic from Japan . Rigged with VMC 9626 3X Nº6 PS treble hooks. Double layer of varnish that increases the durability of the liveries. Realistic colors and liveries with holographic scales. Attractive 3D eyes and gills.

Features of the Cinnetic Crafty Minnow F:

Measure: 110mm.

Weight: 12g.

Color: 2 Anchovy, 11 Holo Rainbow, 19 Blue Sardine Pink and 20 White Chartreuse Orange.

Type: Floating.

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