INFINITY DUO CAMO MONOFILAMENT // 840m, 1000m, 1210m, 1060m

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Description of Daiwa INFINITY DUO CAMO

Since its release a few years ago, Infinity Duo is the first bicolor yarn on the market . Depending on the fishing conditions, it has camu reflexes that allow it to easily follow the fish during the fight. Its great discretion, its glide and the regularity of its diameter give it the qualities of the great nylons of its category. ¼ lb coil: each coil has a length/diameter ratio while maintaining a total weight of 113 g (1/4 lb). Made in Japan. Colors: green and brown.

Features of TEAM DAIWA Line Super Soft

Model Endurance diameter (mm) Length
12988127 6.5kg 0.27 1670m
12988131 7.6kg 0.31 1210m
12988133 8.6kg 0.33 1060m
12988136 10.7kg 0.36 840m

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