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Don't run out of line! Fishing lines for all pockets and types of fishing. Find your nylon, fluorocarbon, braided or elastic fishing line or line. Find out which line is best for your type of fishing in the WeFish APP .

Fishing lines, the direct connection with the bite

Fishing lines are a fundamental element in the equipment of any fisherman. It is the line that connects the fisherman with his catch. Although it is an essential element among fishing materials, countless doubts arise when buying fishing lines . At WeFish we indicate which are the best fishing lines for each type of technique, for example, the best fishing lines for surfcasting , spinning or jigging.

Braided, invisible, multicolored fishing line or the material of your choice

There are many different types of threads: from invisible, multicolor fishing lines, fluorocarbon threads , nylon (or nylon), multifilament, 8-strand braided fishing lines , threads without memory... A real madness! So that you can find the fishing line that works best for you, we have personalized fishing advice from our experts.

Fishing lines for any species

We know what anglers are looking for: A good, beautiful fishing line and, why not?, that is also a cheap fishing line. At WeFish you will find all these things and the fishing line that best matches your equipment.

Each fishing equipment is different and each one is adapted to each fisherman. There are fishermen who appreciate fine and resistant fishing lines , which allow them greater agility, while others prefer a thicker line, in search of catches willing to put up a lot of war. You can choose the material that best suits your type of fishing, the colors that you like best and with the guarantee of the best brands on the market, with Daiwa, Shimano, Seaguar, Varivas fishing lines, among many others.