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Description of the Zam Z 9F lure:

The Zam-Z is a Lipless minnow , that is to say a minnow without a shovel. With a very particular design, it is partly reminiscent of the classic cigar-shaped stickbaits but with a more studied line.

The Zam Z mixes the character of the Nordic lures with the original design that Zalt applies to all its lures. Those who do not know these lures will say -wow, they are not very realistic- but many will already know of the fame that these lures have in all the countries of northern Europe, Russia and the USA. Zalt lures have several pike records in the Nordic countries, but they do not only fish for pike. Powerful, resistant, well-armed lures capable of fighting the largest fish.

This particular model, the Zam Z 9F, is type floating , For situations where we need more discreet lures. Combining its weight with an aerodynamic design, good distances are achieved. Well balanced, standing still maintains a provocative horizontal position.

Characteristics of the Zam Z 9F lure:

  • Length: 9cm
  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Treble hook on tail 1/0
  • Stainless steel wire throughout the lure
  • This size does not have a rattle.


  • Linear collection performs the classic zig-zag of the Lipless minnows drawing a very wide -Z- and short in height.
  • Jerking and Twitching Combinations. Continuous collection with more or less cane strokes. The lure zigzags randomly imitating escapes or fish in distress. The rhythm or pattern of movement will be marked by the activity of the fish.
  • Walking the dog sunken version. This walking technique is very effective but in a sunken version.
  • Stop and Go. Pick up a few meters and stop it, stop it until you think it's too much. Keep the line taut while the lure very slowly seeks a very provocative horizontal exposure.
  • In natural drift at the mercy of the current, the lure has an amazing behavior describing soft -Z-.

References ZAMZ9F04 and ZAMZ9F08.

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