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The Fiiish Attractant is presented as a new tool to catch more spinning fish when they do not want to eat. We explain when, how and why to use it.

"It moves like a fish and all it takes is to smell and taste like a fish." That's what the Fiiish guys thought when they started developing Attractant, a cream that helps to get better results with our lures.

What is Fiiish Attratant? It is a fish concentrate with a texture similar to Vaseline, not oily or sticky. We are not talking about chemical substances, or pheromones, or strange or mysterious things taken from a laboratory, but rather taken from a kitchen.

How does it work? : Like the " nocilla" , the sobrassada or the pate, the Attractant gives flavor and to a certain extent smell to the vinyl. When fish attack, they feel the same as when we bite into a well-smeared piece of toast..."this is good!" and they retain the lure in their mouths for a longer time without spitting it out.
In turn, it makes the biting fish repeat that they bite and chirp the lure. It has happened to all of us that we have lost half a lure without noticing the bite, or it has come out bent because they have swallowed it and spit it out without time to nail it... with this cream those problems are reduced.

As for the smell on our fishing lures , I say somewhat, because this is not like blood to sharks in the movies. When casting the lures if there are currents or you are fishing more or less quickly, the smell dissipates quickly. If we added a kilo of attractant to the water, the same thing would attract the fish, but in the quantities applied to the lures it is basically effective, odorously speaking, in very slow fishing, or in fish that are already interested in our vinyl, and whose smell gives them the final push to bite.

How to use it? : It is very simple, just apply with the spatula on the vinyl. If we want to dye them with red or yellow, we apply it the night before and the vinyl will take on a reddish or yellow tone. With one application you can spend practically a day fishing, although if it crawls among the algae or on the sand it is good to repeat some application and use it tucked into the belly of the black minnow or cray sand eel.

Use of attractant for cephalopods: Squid and Cuttlefish, they love it ! Normally when we slow fish with black minnow we have cuttlefish and squid bites that, attracted by the movement, pounce on the lure. But normally they let go because they just hug each other and when they bite... that doesn't taste like fish.

However, we decided to try the attractant in places where cuttlefish were found... the result... spectacular. They hugged the lure and did not let go until we put them in the landing net... they were entranced, enchanted by the fishy flavor that the cream gives.

This product enjoys the WEFISH GUARANTEE (Tested and endorsed by the WeFish team and its collaborators in terms of quality and efficacy).

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