Sunken Boomer YKR Ride-On // 70mm, 90mm

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Description of the YKR Boomer lure:

Sunken walker with slow sinking and erratic movement depending on the speed and wrist blows projected by the fisherman.

It works in very smooth linear retrieval or "Jerking" movements adding stops of the lure.

Falls with "Rolling" movement very effective in fishing action for predators.

Contrasted effectiveness with all kinds of predators in both Saltwater and Freshwater .

Designed to make very long casts , achieving very good distances due to its great aerodynamics.

Ultra-realistic finishes with top-quality materials and spectacular holographs providing the maximum realism of the imitation.

YKR Boomer Lure Features:

  • Weight: 5.7gr, 9.5gr
  • size 70mm, 90mm

Recommendation: rod YKR FULLSTARS 782 M .

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