MEIHO VERTICAL BOX - 150x190x30, 270 x 175 x 35 mm

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Description of Vertical Box Egi Stocker

This practical box from Meiho allows you to organize your egis.

It is made in Japan with the highest quality materials, its minimalist and transparent finishes allow us to easily see and organize the egis. The box is very useful because it also provides us with different functions, the lids become a support point to hold the box upright or store it open. And it has a drainage system to be able to sweeten our egis after the day of fishing without having to remove them from the box and they can be left drying inside the box in an upright position.

Thanks to its compact dimensions it fits in any fishing bag .


  • 150 x 190 x 30mm (Egi # 2.5 - 3.5)
  • 270 x 175 x 35mm (Egi # 3 - 4 )

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