Hart Bloody Slow H Jig 63S Spinning Rod // Max. 120g / 1.57m


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Hart Bloody Slow H Jig 63S rod description:

The Hart Bloody Slow H Jig 63S is a technical fishing rod perfect for vertical fishing techniques in medium depths. With its parabolic action , this rod will alleviate fatigue when animating jigs up to 120 grams during long days of fishing. The construction of the tip with longitudinal fiberglass and high-strength carbon in the blank allows it to withstand and stop the most powerful attacks of big fish with ease. With a maximum braking capacity of 9 kilos.

Assembled with FUJI KW Alconite guides and a FUJI DPS reel seat , this rod also comes with a protective padded mesh bag. Optimize your fishing skills with the Hart Bloody Slow H Jig 63S!

Hart Bloody Slow H Jig 63S Rod Features:

  • Length: 1.57m.
  • Sections: 1.
  • Weight: 182g.
  • Max jig weight: 120g.
  • PE: 1-3.

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