Daiwa Emblem Surf Light 2020 Surfcasting Reel


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Description of the Daiwa Emblem Surf Light 2020 reel:

The Daiwa Emblem Surf Light 2020 is a high quality technical reel designed for light Surfcasting fishing. This powerful reel has been created with top quality materials for a unique longevity. The body of the DS4 is protected by MagSealed oil, fixed in a magnetic field to prevent the entry of water and dirt even during rotation, providing greater protection against the external elements.

With 6 bearings , 5 of which are anti-corrosion treated, this reel offers smooth, corrosion-resistant performance in marine conditions. In addition, its technical DS4 polycarbonate frame provides significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength.

The Daiwa Emblem Surf Light 2020 comes with two spools of different and complementary capacities, including an original spool and a supplementary aluminum spool with a capacity of 300m of 0.18mm. The CW model has a moderate oscillation, which offers more precise storage through contiguous turns during the retrieve. In addition, its QD brake allows, with a half turn of the brake cap, to change from a "release" mode (brake free) to a "combat" mode (brake applied) for greater control and precision while fishing.

The manual pick-up of the Daiwa Emblem Surf Light 2020 folds easily to prevent the line from getting tangled. It also has anti-tangle guides on the shaft and rotor, preventing the line from passing under the spool for greater ease and comfort while fishing. In addition, its high-quality spring-mounted HIP round line clip allows you to mark the casting distance to reposition the assembly in the same place the next cast without risk of breakage.

In summary, the Daiwa Emblem Surf Light 2020 is a technical and resistant Surfcasting reel, designed to offer excellent quality and performance in light fishing. With high-quality materials, advanced technology, and an ergonomic design, this reel is the perfect choice for Surfcasting enthusiasts looking for superior performance in their fishing adventures.

    Daiwa Emblem Surf Light 2020 reel features:

    • Fist: T
    • Ratio : 4.1.
    • TMV: 88cm.
    • Weight: 530g.
    • Nylon: 300m/0.30mm.
    • Brake: 15kg.

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