Daiwa Exist G 18 LT Spinning Reel // 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000


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Description of the Daiwa Exist G 18 LT reel:

Daiwa Exist G 18 LT: the best reel for fishing lovers. Made in Japan, this reel has benefited from 60 years of innovation and the latest Daiwa technologies. The combination of the new LT concept (Light & Tough - Light and Powerful) with the magnesium monoblock frame called Monocoque, ensures the perfect balance between strength and lightness.

The futuristic design of the Exist LT aims to eliminate any superfluous surface on the reel, making it one of the lightest and most powerful reels on the market. With its cast Air Handle, this reel underscores its cutting-edge line, and its light weight is the perfect match for rods fitted with AGS carbon guides and high-grade carbon weaves.

In addition, the Exist LT features a Monocoque Body frame designed in a single block for more power and stability. The wide side cover is equipped with a special and extremely stable thread pitch that allows the positioning of a new control wheel that occupies the entire internal surface. The ATD technology brake has been reinforced by 30%, allowing total control of the attacks from the beginning to the end of the fight.

The longevity of the Exist LT is guaranteed thanks to Daiwa MagSealed oil, which is held in tension by a magnetic field located at the heart of the master pieces of mechanics. MagSealed bearings , located on both sides of the control wheel, increase the life of the reel and maintain its fluidity of rotation over time.

In addition, the Exist LT has been designed to provide maximum fishing comfort, with MagSealed oil present in the pick-up roller and around the spool shaft for exceptional rotational smoothness. The ZAION carbon rotor is ultra light and its rotation starts at the slightest movement of the crank to increase the pleasant sensations in fishing action.

The Exist LT also features a 30% reinforced ATD brake with a wide top for stability, 12+1 bearings with 2 Mag Sealed and 10 CRBBs, an ultra-light aluminum Air Spool spool, and cross-wound winding. In addition, the ultra-light Air Handle, made of unscrewable cast monobloc aluminium, provides maximum comfort and power transmission when picking up.

In summary, the Daiwa Exist G 18 LT is an exceptional reel that combines lightness and resistance in a single product. Its innovative design and high-end features make it an essential choice for any fishing lover looking for the highest quality and comfort in their equipment. In addition, it is delivered in a neoprene case with mesh sides to protect it and transport it easily.

    Daiwa Exist G 18 LT reel features:

    Model Fist Ratio (/1) TMV Weight Nylon Braided Brake
    2000 SH FC Yo 5.8 76cm 155g 150m/0.14mm 200m/0.05mm 5kg
    2500 XH you 6.2 87cm 180g 100m/0.23mm 200m/0.10mm 10kg
    3000 CXH you 6.2 93cm 185g 100m/0.28mm 190m/0.16mm 10kg
    4000 CXH you 6.2 99cm 205g 150m/0.28mm 200m/0.18mm 10kg
    4000 AD you 5.2 82cm 205g 150m/0.37mm 300m/0.20mm 10kg

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