Daiwa Tatula TWS Casting Reel // 300


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Description of the Daiwa Tatula TWS reel:

The Daiwa Tatula TWS 300 reel is a true beast of fishing, specially designed to catch big pike. This reel has special features that make it the quintessential reel for bigbait fishing. Thanks to its large control wheel, CRBB bearings and an impressive 43mm spool, this reel is capable of casting and retrieving large lures for long hours of fishing.

The Tatula TWS brake features UTD technology and carbon discs, providing impressive stopping power and smoothness. In addition, this reel is equipped with 7+2 bearings , two of which are CRBB, which guarantees greater smoothness in rotation.

The Tatula TWS has an aluminum frame and lid, which gives it great resistance without sacrificing lightness. The spool is also made of aluminium, which guarantees a high thread capacity. The double crank with the "Swept Handle" profile is especially comfortable for long fishing sessions, while the oversized non-slip grips provide a secure grip.

This high-end reel is designed for right-handed anglers, with the crank located on the left side for greater comfort and control. If you are looking for the ultimate reel for big pike and bigbait fishing, the Daiwa Tatula TWS 300 is the perfect choice.

    Daiwa Tatula TWS reel features:

    • Fist: Y
    • Ratio (/1): 7.1.
    • TMV: 95cm.
    • Weight: 325g.
    • Capacity: 230m/0.34mm.
    • Brake: 13kg.

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