Hart Kombat JS Spinning Reel // 3500, 5000, 6500


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Hart Kombat JS Reel Description:

The Hart Kombat JS is a high-end fishing reel that combines power and lightness to improve your fishing skills. Made with high quality materials, this reel is perfect for spinning, jigging, shore jigging and slow jigging . With a sealed aluminum body and ergonomic rotor, this reel is strong and durable, and its forged handle and ergonomic EVA knob allow for easy control and a comfortable grip.

The main shaft and crown are made of stainless steel and the internal gears are made of marine bronze, ensuring smooth and efficient performance in any condition. The custom multi-drilled spool is lightweight and strong, and the machined aluminum crank allows for easy maneuverability.

The extra thick pick-up with integrated oversized line guide is an added feature that helps make sure the line is always well guided and ready for use. With 10 high-quality bearings , including 9 stainless balls and 1 continuous infinite anti-reverse, the Hart Kombat JS is a fishing reel that gives you the smoothness and efficiency you need to capture your next catch. In addition, its sealed brake with 10 lubricated carbon and stainless steel discs gives you precise and powerful control to improve your fishing skills.

Hart Kombat JS Reel Features:

Size Capacity (mm/m) Recovery Weight bearings Ratio brake power
3500 0.28/390 - 0.30/340 - 0.35/250 85cm 349g 9+1 5.2:1 20kg
5000 0.30/490 - 0.35/360 - 0.40/280 105cm 483g 9+1 5.2:1 25kg
6500 0.40/540 - 0.45/410 - 0.50/350 101cm 598g 9+1 5.2:1 30kg

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