Hart Zemtax Spinning Reel // 800, 2000, 4000


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Hart Zemtax Reel Description:

The Hart Zemtax reel is a state of the art fishing device designed to catch any type of fish. With its advanced technology in ultra-light graphite, this reel is perfect for finesse, rockfishing and spinning.

The body of the reel is sealed with high quality graphite to protect it from the elements and improve its durability. In addition, the graphite rotor has an ergonomic design that reduces its weight and improves its resistance.

The internal machinery of the reel is made of highly durable cold-forged aluminum and features a micro-modular crown and pinion cut to increase gear smoothness and efficiency. The main axis of the reel is super-reinforced to avoid twisting in combat situations, which makes it ideal for any angler.

The spool of the reel is customized in aluminum with multi-perforations to improve its resistance and the crank is machined in aluminum to ensure greater durability. The ergonomic combat pommel is made of EVA and features an extra thick pick-up with integrated oversized string guide.

This fishing reel has 6 high-quality bearings : 5 stainless steel balls and 1 continuous infinite anti-retro, which guarantees smooth and efficient fishing. The drag features crossed carbon discs to increase your grip and features powerful and precise stainless steel to ensure successful fishing.

In short, the Hart Zemtax reel is a perfect choice for professional and hobby anglers who are looking for a high-quality, technologically advanced reel. Optimize your catches with the Hart Zemtax reel today!

Hart Zemtax Reel Features:

Size Capacity (mm/m) Recovery Weight bearings Ratio brake power
800 0.16/180 - 0.18/150 - 0.20/120 61cm 216g 5+1 5.2:1 10kg
2000 0.18/200 - 0.20/160 - 0.23/120 70cm 255g 5+1 5.2:1 12kg
4000 0.31/180 - 0.33/150 - 0.35/120 80cm 292g 5+1 5.2:1 15kg

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