Penn Fierce IV Spinning Reel // 1000, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000

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Penn Fierce IV Reel Description:

The Penn Fierce IV Spinning Reel is a must-have for any saltwater angler. With an all-metal body and sideplate, this reel is durable and resistant to the heaviest loads. Additionally, the PENN HT-100TM drag provides superior performance, making it the perfect choice for anglers who need a reliable reel that can handle any situation at sea.

The Penn Fierce IV Spinning also features sealed bearings, increasing its durability and making it even more resistant to the rigors of saltwater fishing. Whether you're fishing inshore or launching into surfcasting, the Penn Fierce IV Spinning is the perfect tool to help you catch that big fish. With a sleek design and quality construction, this reel is the perfect choice for any serious saltwater angler looking for a durable, high-performance reel.

Penn Fierce IV Reel Features :

Model Size Weight Speed Power Ratio Recovery bearings Ability
1558701 1000 220g moderate 4kg 5.2:1 56cm 5 255m/0.14mm
1558702 2000 270g Fast 4.5kg 6.2:1 76cm 5 220m/0.20mm
1558704 2500 280g Fast 5.4kg 6.2:1 84cm 5 235m/0.23mm
1558716 2500LL 350g Fast 5.4kg 6.2:1 84cm 5 235m/0.23mm
1558706 3000 335g Fast 6.8kg 6.2:1 89cm 5 180m/0.28mm
1558708 4000 335g Fast 6.8kg 6.2:1 94cm 5 245m/0.28mm
1558710 5000 555g moderate 11.3kg 5.6:1 91cm 5 205m/0.36mm
1558712 6000 605g moderate 11.3kg 5.6:1 104cm 5 310m/0.46mm
1558714 8000 815g moderate 13.6kg 5.3:1 112cm 5 310m/0.46mm

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