Shimano Aero Technium MGS XSD Surfcasting Reel // 14000

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Description of the Shimano Aero Technium MGS XSD reel:

The Shimano Aero Technium MGS XSD is the ultimate Big Pit reel for anglers looking to achieve extreme casting distances. Made with Shimano's most innovative technology, this reel offers exceptional performance and durability in all fishing situations.


  • Hagane Body: The magnesium body of the Aero Technium MGS XSD makes it incredibly light but also very strong thanks to Shimano's Hagane technology, which provides a solid and rigid structure to reduce twisting and flexing.

  • Hagane Gear: The Aero Technium MGS XSD features the innovative Hagane Gear, which has been cold forged to provide maximum strength and durability in all fishing conditions.

  • Infinity Drive and Silent Drive: The combination of Infinity Drive and Silent Drive of the Aero Technium MGS XSD guarantees greater reeling power, smoothness and durability for an exceptional fishing experience.

  • One-piece titanium crank: The one-piece titanium crank provides perfect winding and optimal lever strength.

  • 45mm Stoke spool: The 45mm Stoke spool with Super Slow 10 Line system spools 107 turns of line per swing for a perfect cast, reaching greater distance, more precision and casting power to better handle and control all that power exerted during the throw.


The Shimano Aero Technium MGS XSD is an exceptional Big Pit reel that combines Shimano's most innovative technology with durable, lightweight construction. Its Hagane body, Hagane Gear, Infinity Drive, Silent Drive and one-piece titanium crank ensure exceptional performance in all fishing situations. In addition, its 45mm Stoke coil with Super Slow 10 Line system offers a perfect launch to reach greater distances, more precision and casting power. Don't miss your chance to experience angling excellence with the Shimano Aero Technium MGS XSD.

Shimano Aero Technium MGS XSD Reel Features:

  • Recovery per crank turn 107cm.
  • Ratio: 4.2:1
  • brake: 20kg
  • Weight: 495g
  • Bearings: 8+1BB
  • Crank: 10cm
  • Capacity 0.35 mm - 550 meters
  • Reducers 10000-6000-3500
  • 2 coils.
  • Neoprene cover.

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