Shimano Stella FK Spinning Reel // 1000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000

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Description of the Shimano Stella FK reel:

The Shimano Stella FK reel is the epitome of fishing reel excellence. It is considered by many to be the perfect reel, and for good reason. With a remarkable amount of new technology, the Stella FK offers unmatched performance for anglers looking for the best.

The Stella FK has been designed for those anglers who demand the best in performance and quality. The new version of Stella is the result of an evolutionary redesign with a new range of technologies. These developments are the work of an engineering genius and touch almost every part of the reel, including gears, line management, and resistance.

New Infinity Evolution technology, also known as InfinityXross , provides a more durable gear construction than the highly acclaimed Hagane gear, ensuring greater durability in extreme conditions. Additionally, the InfinityLoop system is an ultra-slow oscillating spool, with an improved line layup for better line cast and control.

The InfinityDrive system produces powerful yet light rotation, especially under heavy loads, improving the reel's overall performance in a variety of fishing situations. The new Duracross drag system offers increased drag smoothness, durability and hooking power, making it an ideal fishing tool for catching even the largest game.

In short, if you are an experienced angler looking for maximum performance in a reel, the Shimano Stella FK is for you. With a combination of cutting-edge technologies and exceptional quality, the Stella FK is an investment that will provide you with years of excellence and performance. Look no further than the Shimano Stella FK for the best in high-end fishing.

Shimano Stella FK reel features:

Size Coil Body pickup Brake Weight Recovery line capacity Ratio
1000 Normal Normal Normal 3kg 170g 64cm-back 0.18mm-170m 5.1:1
2500 Normal Normal Normal 9kg 210g 75cm-turn 0.25mm-160m 5.1:1
2500S Shallow Normal Normal 4kg 205g 75cm-turn 0.16mm-150m 5.1:1
2500HG Normal Normal fast 9kg 210g 86cm-back 0.25mm-160m 5.8:1
2500SHG Shallow Normal fast 4kg 205g 86cm-back 0.16mm-150m 5.8:1
C3000 Normal Compact Normal 9kg 210g 75cm-turn 0.25-210/0.30-130/0.35-100 5.1:1
C3000XG Normal Compact
9kg 210g 94cm-turn 0.25mm-210m 6.4:1
4000XG Normal Normal Ultra-fast 11kg 260g 101cm-lap 0.30mm-180m 6.2:1
C5000XG Normal Compact Ultra-fast 11Kg 270g 101cm-lap 0.35mm-175m 6.2:1

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