Tailwalk Basal CA Casting Reel // 73

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Description of the Tailwalk Basal CA 73L reel:

The Tailwalk Basal CA 73L is a quality fishing reel designed to be easy to use whether you are a novice or advanced angler. This reel is specially designed for freshwater Black Bass and Pike fishing, but it can also be used for other types of fishing.

One of the most outstanding features of the Tailwalk Basal CA 73L is its weight. This reel is incredibly light thanks to its carbon reinforced side cover, graphite frame and forged aluminum spool. This makes it very comfortable to handle and reduces fatigue during long days of fishing.

The reel also features an aluminum double handle with EVA knobs, providing a comfortable grip and precise control during reeling. In addition, its magnetic brake located on the outside of the housing is easy to adjust and control with 10 resistance levels to adapt to different fishing situations and lures.

The Tailwalk Basal CA 73L also features a carbon disc drag that can provide up to 6.5kg of drag to meet any Black Bass or Pike fishing need.

Another nice feature of the reel is that its side cap opens easily and is attached to the reel block, preventing it from falling out and getting lost.

In summary, the Tailwalk Basal CA 73L is a quality, light, easy to use and comfortable reel that adapts to different fishing situations and needs of Black Bass and Pike anglers.

    Tailwalk Basal CA 73L reel features:

    • Ratio: 7.3:1
    • Weight: 198g
    • Brake: 6.5kg
    • Capacity: PE2 - 200 meters
    • Pickup: 78 cm/turn of crank
    • Bearings: 4BB 1RB ANTI-RUST BB (Anti-corrosion)

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