Tica Flash Cast Spinning Reel // 2500

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Description of the Tica Flash Cast Reel:

The Tica Flash Cast 2500M 9R is the spinning reel you were looking for to enjoy fishing comfortably and efficiently. This reel has a compact and robust design, made of carbon composite material, which provides greater rigidity, lightness and durability.

In addition, it has a titanium-plated anti-twist line guide roller that guarantees great durability, preventing the line from twisting during the cast. It also has an infinite anti-reverse that will allow you to reel in the line effortlessly and with great smoothness.

The Tica Flash Cast 2500M 9R incorporates a new brake disc with 50% drag force, which will give you greater control and safety when fighting the fish. In addition, its Z-oscillation system for line spooling ensures that the line is distributed evenly and stored properly.

With its thick corrosion resistant aluminum bail, this reel is strong and durable even in saltwater environments. The CNC-machined aluminum lever offers a comfortable and secure grip for greater precision and comfort in use.

The Tica Flash Cast 2500M 9R has 9 + 1 shielded ball bearings , which allows a smooth and silent performance, improving the angler's experience. In summary, if you are looking for a compact and resistant spinning reel to enjoy your fishing days, the Tica Flash Cast 2500M 9R is the perfect choice.

Features of the Tica Flash Cast Reel:

  • Size: 2500.
  • Weight: 199g.
  • Bearings: 9+1.
  • Ratio: 5.2:1.
  • Recovery: 0.73m per turn of the crank.
  • Brake Position: Front
  • Brake power: 5kg.
  • Line capacity: 180m-0.25mm

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