Señuelo Tai Rubber Crazee // 60g



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Description of the CRAZEE TAI RUBBER lure:

Alpha Tackle Crazee Tai Rubber are Tai Rubber lures designed by Tai Rubber master Munehiko Nakamur a, Tailwalk product developer.

The Tai Rubber is a fishing in search of Brecas, Snappers, Dentex, Samas ... A very effective fishing technique that is gaining followers every day in our country. It has the advantage of providing many shots of various sizes, plus these teams make us enjoy each piece and the technique is quite easy to learn.

The Crazee Tai Rubber are based on the experience acquired by Munehiko Nakamura both in Japan and in our waters, offering us some Tai that stand out for a polygonal head and fine ties and few fringes intended for places where there is a lot of fishing pressure.

The trapezoidal shape of the head , with the center of gravity moved forward allows:

  • Greater grip on the water: Less slack in the line and greater resistance to lateral drift caused by the current.
  • Rolling movement that emits sparkles and greater turbulence.
  • Avoid entanglements in the fall and ensure a smooth and stable fall: Its position in the descent minimizes the entanglement of skirts and hooks.

Mud flaps:

  • Make Dunking Easier: The Crazee Tai Rubber have just the right amount of flaps to keep out of the way when hitting even the most subtle of bites. Which translates into a higher percentage of successful dunks when we have the bite.
  • Greater mobility of the rubber ties: They have been designed with a narrow and long shape so that they are activated even in very slow collections.


  • Short, robust, strong, sharp and light. As the Tairubber hooks should be.
  • Mounted on a high-resistance double rolling to facilitate turning in combat and avoid possible damage to the line.

In short, this is a tai rubber carefully designed by one of the most popular fishermen in this technique. Very discreet in the area of ​​the skirts to attract suspicious fish and with a special design on the head to give it stability when falling and grip when reeling.

Characteristics of the CRAZEE TAI RUBBER lure:

  • Weight: 60g
  • Colour: 01 Red (Red)

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