Caña Hart Team 70 TE Boloñesa // 6.89m


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Description of the rod TEAM DAIWA 70 TE:

It is a telescopic rod equipped with HVF carbon mounted with x45 crossed winding. With hollow dropouts and feature a quick toe action. Its good reserve of power lends itself to fishing for cyprinids such as gardones, cardinals, carp, tench or bream, as well as trout fishing with natural baits and drift fishing techniques. With the longer models, 8.00 and 9.00 m, these rods are suitable for fishing " franglaise " with good fish in all types of weather conditions.

-HVF (High Volume Fiber) carbon blank mounted with x45 technology.


-Fist provided with 2 non-slip grips.

-Powerful tip action.

-At the foot of the heel: PVC screw cap with internal anti-shock coating .

-At the tip of the heel: high quality EVA plug.

- Hollow carbon toe .

-Served in a cloth cover .

-Outer diameter of the tip of the dropout: 2.15 mm .

Features of the TEAM DAIWA 70TE rod:

-Length: 6.89m.

-Elements: 6.

-Volume: 141cm.

-Weight: 272g.

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