TELE TRIFORCE // 3.00m, 4.00m, 6.00m, 7.00m, 8.00m


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Description of the DAIWA TRIFORCE TELE rod:

Reliability and solidity are the main arguments of the Triforce Tele series. These rods are designed to search for small and medium-sized white fish . The 7 and 8 meter models are perfect for fishing from a distance. This new generation of Triforce is equipped with a heel with a matte finish for a more comfortable grip as well as Micropitch elements for better sensitivity.

  • Carbon and composite blank.
  • Telescopic.
  • Smooth fist.
  • progressive action.
  • Threaded ABS cap on the heel.
  • Hollow carbon toe.
  • External diameter of the tip of the drop: 1.9 mm.

Features of the DAIWA TRIFORCE TELE rod:

  • Length: 3.00m.
  • Sections: 3.
  • Folded length: 1.16m.
  • Weight: 93g .
  • Length: 4.00m.
  • Sections: 4.
  • Folded length: 1.16m.
  • Weight : 151g .
  • Length: 6.00m.
  • Sections: 6.
  • Folded length: 1.16m.
  • Weight: 375g .
  • Length: 7.00m.
  • Sections: 7.
  • Folded length: 1.16m.
  • Weight: 491g.
  • Length: 8.00m.
  • Sections: 8.
  • Folded length: 1.16cm.
  • Weight: 642g.

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