Emeralds Tip Run// 3.5 (30g)

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Description of Daiwa Emeralda Boat 3.5 (30g)

The Emeraldas BOAT RV jibs are specially designed for cephalopod fishing from a boat. Equipped with an internal weight on the head and an external weight under the lure, this 30-gram squid descends quickly but offers good stability in vertical animations. Its buttonhole at the top favors animations with very long pulls, always limiting snags.

This jibionera is ideal for "tip-run" fishing, which consists of fishing adrift from the boat to move the lure in the different layers of water to the bottom. Squid and cuttlefish will not be able to resist this squid jig, which also has noisy balls.

Descent speed: 2 sec / m.

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