Tournament D'Fin // 3' (7.60cm), 4' (10.10cm), 5' (12.70cm)

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3' (7.60cm)
4' (10.10cm)
5' (12.70cm)
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Daiwa TOURNAMENT D'Fin lure description

Made in Japan, this shad is available in three lengths (3', 4' and 5 ' inches). It can be rigged with a Texas hook for fishing between two waters or with a jig head for linear fishing on the bottom. The flexibility of the material and the structure of its tail give it an immediate swimming action at the slightest animation, and this, even at a low recovery speed. It is the soft lure par excellence for difficult fishing. Two long channels on the back and belly facilitate Texas rigging, ensuring good hook positioning for optimal hooking.

Characteristics of the Daiwa TOURNAMENT D'Fin lure

Length grams
3' (7.60cm) 3g
4' (10.10cm) 5g
5' (12.70cm) 10g

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