Golden Sinking Wooden



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Description of the Golden Sinking Wooden:

The El Dorado Sinking Wooden is a two-piece Swimbait from the Payo International brand. With a moderate size, 12cm, this Swimbait offers more possibilities of use against a wide range of predators of different sizes.

It swims in very wide "S" shapes because it is made up of two pieces, having a very natural and attractive way of swimming. To this we add a realistic finish and a slow sinking , characteristic of the last generation swimbaits, in conclusion, a very fisherman lure.

Slow or fast retrievals, intermittent stops, rod strokes to imitate an injured fish combined with swimming in "S" and its perfect balance make it a very versatile lure in fishing action. El Dorado Sinking Wooden is made of wood and hand painted one by one.

Characteristics of the Golden Sinking Wooden:

  • Length: 12cm
  • Weight: 54g
  • stainless steel hardware
  • hand painted
  • Made of wood
  • VMC treble hooks
  • slow sinking

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