Señuelo Jig Duo Drag Metal Cast // 15g, 20g, 30g, 40g

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Drag Metal Cast Description

The DUO Drag Metal Cast Slow is a lure with a flat and asymmetrical body that produces a slow fall, ideal for fishing in slow pitch and offers the fish more time to develop the attack and stay in the chosen area for a longer period.

It offers a lower hydrodynamic resistance, an advantage for the angler. The casting distance is not affected by the flat body as it takes a very careful study of the weight distribution so that it can fly in any condition. It has a double assist in the front and a single one in the back.

Characteristics of the Drag Metal Cast

  • Drag Metal Cast 15g: 43mm
  • Drag Metal Cast 20g: 49mm
  • Drag Metal Cast 30g: 56mm
  • Drag Metal Cast 40g: 60mm

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