Señuelo Paseante Hundido Duo Yurameki Tetra Works // 48mm / 6,3g

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Description of the lure DUO YURAMEKI TETRA WORKS

Yurameki by Duo, a sinking stickbait for rockfishing and ultra light spinning that our customers really like for its efficiency.

The DUO Yurameki is a light and ultralight sea bibless spinning lure from the Tetra Works series designed to achieve long casting distances despite its diminutive size. Imagine a compact stickbait that flies wherever you want and swims just below the surface with a very seductive action. You can work with small jerks or with a regular recovery, to achieve a wobbling-like effect. A toy that more technical and advanced rockfishers will appreciate and get the most out of, and one that freshwater cyprinid anglers will use often, it is also very effective on black bass and perch.

Features of the DUO YURAMEKI TETRA WORKS lure

  • Length: 48mm
  • Weight: 6.3g
  • Type: Sunk

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