Egi Cinnetic Crafty Rattle // 3.0, 3.5

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15 Red Mullet
16 Blue Sardine
17 Horse Mackerel
18 Red Blaze
19 Fire Tiger
20 Camo Tiger
21 Dark Tiger

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Description of the Cinnetic Crafty Rattle:

The Cinnetic Crafty Rattle is the first step to success, if eging is your goal. Its morphological characteristics, as well as the quality of all the components of this squid jig, have been studied down to the smallest detail to achieve an attractive, durable and efficient bow tie.

Slender head with a flat design and attractive 3D eyes. Keel weights perfectly balanced and plated with hard chrome for greater stability, glide and durability.

Large 3D fully luminescent eyes. Ultra-sharp hooks , which significantly increase the ratio of effective catches. The wide range of liveries offers different color effects, designed to attract the attention of squid depending on the water conditions.

This model has a rattle inside .

Features of the Cinnetic Crafty Rattle:

Size Weight Length Sinking
92mm 3-3.5s/m
105mm 3-3.5s/m

Color color effect
15 Red Mullet
glow in the dark
16 Blue Sardine glow in the dark
17 Horse Mackerel glow in the dark
18 Red Blaze glow in the dark
19 Fire Tiger super shiny
20 Camo Tiger super shiny
21 Dark Tiger super shiny

Glow in the dark: They are charged with light and are luminescent in the dark.

Super Shiny: The "special coating" process intensifies the shine to the maximum.

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