Staples Maria Fighter Snap// 15Kg, 18kg, 40Kg, 50kg

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Description of Maria Figther Snap Staples:

The Fighter Snap Maria are small staples , connectors for fishing with artificial lures. They are used for light fishing with maximum safety, suitable for all scenarios and modalities of sport fishing: darting, rockfishing, spinning, jigging , eging ...

They are made with very resistant steel so they offer superior resistance in all conditions. It is a stainless steel that, while maintaining the necessary flexibility, is very robust.

These staples maintain the balanced swimming of our lures, thanks to their oval shape . Also known as a hitch.

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Characteristics of Maria Figther Snap Staples :

Size Endurance units
000 15kg 12
0 18kg 12
1 40kg 12
2 50kg 12

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