Señuelo Vinilo Fiiish Mud Digger // 90mm / 3g, 5g, 10g, 15g

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Description of MUD DIGGER lure:

Mud Digger 65, Intelligence, Innovation and instinct , the three Fiiish ies in the small version of the Mud Digger for very light fishing. Walleye, Fluviatilis, Black Bass and Pike will be the targets with the new size of the Fiiish Mud Digger. When they are eating small fry or worms , the Mud Digger 65 with its action and design will be the choice to fool freshwater predators.

The angle that its head forms with the VMC hook or the little space that the hook travels inside the vinyl body, its narrow and long tail and its inverted blade is the first thing we see when we hold the Mud Digger in the palm of our hand. .

There are three points in which the Mud Digger has been worked on to provide it with solutions for vertical fishing or scratching the bottom or "gratter".

    • The head sabot trap effect, with three different actions.
    • The hook. A new concept of hook released or "free hook".
    • inverted shovel.

    MUD DIGGER lure features:

        • Weight: 4g, 5g, 6g and 10g.
        • Size: 65mm.
        • 1 head per pack.
        • 2 bodies per package.

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