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10FTU V SKIP 4.8" Vinyl Description:

The V-tail has a slit, and the action of the tail can be changed by cutting it with scissors. The hole in the center of the tail disperses the charge in the tail. Since the way you apply resistance during the fall also changes before and after the cut, cut the slit if you want to swing your tail with a lighter weight. If you want to move it strongly with a heavy weight, use it without cutting.

By adopting a half-ring shape at the back, the bite texture is raised and the fish find it difficult to release the mouth, which also contributes to improved hooking response. By intentionally providing a step between the tail and the body, the action created by the V-tail can be transmitted to the entire body more efficiently . It also has a function as a camera to insert the 10FTU glass rattle.

When inserting the rattle, it is not necessary to drill a prepared hole with a hook. There is a hole in the body from the beginning so that you can easily insert the rattle. The compatibility as a trailer as a chatterbait, spinnerbait, buzzbait is also excellent.

The special blister to keep the worm in the best conditions when stored. V SKIP that can produce various bait actions depending on the angler and can be active in various fields.

  • Size: 4.8"
  • 6 units per blister

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