Señuelo Paseante Hundido Tict Flopper Bros // 55mm / 5.3g

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Description of TICT FLOPPER BROS:

We welcome this little sinking walker , the Tict Flopper Bros 55. Designed to do our crazy things, with an apparently slim and small body, the Flopper Bros 55 has an excellent length/weight ratio , which will allow us to gain those extra meters, to be able to play with it, thanks to its density. Determinant in its fall, there will be no predator to resist and if that were not enough, there is more. Irregular movements accompanied by jerks make the Flopper Bros 55 such that those pickups do not go unnoticed by anyone. In addition, we can work it with linear collections that are always very effective. In short, Tict's Flopper Bros 55 is a sunken stroller that must accompany us in our box.

Length: 5.5cm

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