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Description of the compact engine:

The Float Plus Compact Edition is a system to motorize your duck in a simple, safe and light way to get better fishing experiences. An evolution of its older brother, the Float Plus Pro System, it is still just as simple: an electric motor, controlled by a wireless controller, in which we can choose the battery that best suits our fishing days.

What does the Float Plus Compact Edition PLUS consist of?

  • NEW: Two directions of travel. Forward and reverse movement on the Float Pluc Compact Edition PLUS
  • An electric motor 32 lbs. of power . (41 lb if we mount the Float Plus Compact Edition 31200mAh battery)
  • Waterproof wireless remote control with color LCD screen. Novelty now the system Compact Edition Plus 2 use technology bluetooth to make the connection with the controller.
  • Waterprof control box. ( without battery )
  • Battery connection cable.


What does the Float Plus Compact Edition offer?

The Float Plus Pro System is designed and intended for duck fishing unlike other electric motors. Simple assembly, ease of use, lightness and silence. For this reason, its assembly in our duck will be easy without having to look for accessories or self-manufacture a support to attach the motor to the duck.

  • Battery Choice: The compact edition does not include the battery so that we can choose the one that best suits our fishing days. Float Plus recommends Float Plus batteries in its different versions, being able to install any battery respecting the voltage (12V).
  • Lightness and manageability: The set (motor and control box) make a weight of 3.3kg ,
  • Easy to assemble : We will simply stick the support base (not included) at the bottom of our duck with pvc floor . To put it on and take it off, we will only need to slide the motor through the slot in the base and place its safety pin so that it does not come out. To remove it, we take out the pin and slide.
  • Easy to use: The bluetooth remote control allows us to view the status of the engine battery, the navigation speed and the battery of the remote. The dial incorporated in the remote control will allow us to adjust the speed of our duck from 0% to 100% with a gain of 1% and find the correct fishing speed.
  • Silence and zero emissions: Because of his electrical power supply, The engine does not generate noise or emissions into the environment, which continues to preserve the essence of duck fishing. Enjoy nature within nature interfering with it as little as possible.


What does each Float Plus Pro System part have?

The Float Plus Compact Edition is characterized by the adaptability of the system to our fishing days. It consists of an electric motor, a wireless remote control and a control box.


The Float Plus Pro motor has been designed for duck fishing. Compact and light, an essential condition for any accessory of our duck. It will also help make transport and storage very easy. Made of salt-resistant material, we can use it in any environment, and assemble and disassemble effortlessly at the foot of the water. Its hydrodynamic design optimizes its 32lb power to the maximum. without assuming a displacement ballast, giving us a maximum speed of 4 km/h depending on the weight, drag volume, headwind, current, etc. Its reduced size of just 25 cm high and its weight of 2,200 grams will make its presence almost imperceptible.


We will have all the handling in our hands thanks to the wireless remote control system with bluetooh connection . It will be our connection to the engine. When you purchase your Float Plus Pro System and start the remote control it will give you a choice of the language that you prefer among several, of course it is in Spanish , and from there you can start interacting with the engine. A simple floating waterproof controller with a color LCD display , a dial and a button are the three parts of which it consists:

  • Screen: Screen full color LCD adjustable in brightness intensity where we will visualize all the information of the set. Navigation speed from 0 to 100% with three colored areas indicating battery use, battery status of the motor and remote control, man overboard indicator and memorized navigation speed.
  • Dial : With it we will control the percentage of the navigation speed from 0 to 100 with an increase of 1%.
  • Button : Gives us access to the entire internal menu for language selection, brightness, frequency selector, etc. and turning the system on and off. During the march, with a short press it stops and with two quick presses it restarts the march at the speed it was at thanks to its memory function.



The control box houses the entire system to receive the information from the command and transmit it to the engine. From it comes the connection for the battery that we want to put on it. We will also find the man overboard switch to avoid scares in case we fall into the water and the engine is deactivated. Made of waterproof and resistant material.


  • 250w (32lbs) 12.6v electric motor
  • Compatible with lithium ion batteries, Lead, LiFePo4 maximum 12 volts.
  • Forward and reverse movement system (2 directions of travel)
  • Waterproof control box (24cm x 19cm x 9cm) and battery cable.
  • Bluetooth wireless remote control with color LCD screen.
  • Weight of the set: 3,300 grams.
  • Battery not included.
  • Adhesive base not included

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