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Description of Killers Bait OVER 5/8oz

The Killer Bait Over has been designed by one of the best fishing guides in Lake Biwa, "Masaki Onaka". The extra large size blades are attached to an arm specially designed for the Killer Bait series. These brand blades and their special arm create maximum vibrations , sparkles and a great displacement of water in this Gan Craft series.

These components specially designed for the Killer Bait Over are essential when we fish:

  • In large areas of open water.
  • Little active fish situations.
  • Difficult situations.
  • With heavy rain.
  • Strong wind.
  • Drinking or muddy waters.

The Killer Bait Over allows anglers to retrieve at low speed while maintaining a constant motion. The Over Killer Bait's ability to work at low speed increases the chance of the fish attacking by keeping the lure in the strike zone for longer.

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