Señuelo Pajarita Gan Craft Uo-Jya // 3.5

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19 Flashing Sayori
02 Orange Head

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Description of Gan Craft Uo-Jya 3.5 Slow:

Gan Craft UO Jya lures are intended for squid to eging fishing . This innovative lure from the prestigious Japanese brand Gan Craft surprises with its finishes and realism as well as a perfect balance that keeps it in the optimal position during the fall and landing on the bottom.

The Gan Craft UO Jya are a new concept of lure for squid, with a hyper-realistic design , which eliminates the scrim and feathers and opts for a holographic finish and large 3D eyes.

By eliminating the fabric, a reduction in hydrodynamic resistance is achieved, achieving faster actions in wrist blows and less resistance to water , which reduces the effect of currents on the egi.

In addition, in this way it is possible to make much more realistic egis, introducing the use of holographic reflections that generate flashes to increase the attraction of these lures, not only during the action, but also during the fall.

The smooth body provides the fisherman with great contact with the lure, transmitting the slightest friction on the lure.

In this lure Gan Craft has opted for slightly longer crowns than in the Egi Jya and very sharp as in their cloth brothers.

A perfect lure to combine with the classics, because it can attract squid less sensitive to scrim lures.

The SLOW model is slow sinking for shallow areas or when we locate the squid near the surface.

Gan Craft Uo-Jya 3.5 Slow features:

  • Sinking speed: 5 sec/m
  • Weight: 23g
  • Color: 19 Flashing Sayori

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