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Description of the JLC M&W Model TL1 Gloves:

The JLC M&W Model TL1 Gloves are specially designed for fishing, with high-quality materials and features that make them ideal for any angler .

These gloves are made from a stretchy, breathable and quick-drying material , making them comfortable to wear and easy to clean. In addition, they have highly resistant microfiber on the palm of the hand to guarantee a firm and secure grip on the rod.

The JLC M&W Model TL1 Gloves also feature impact protection on the palm of the hand, which helps prevent injuries and ensures greater glove durability. These gloves are the perfect choice for any angler looking for quality, comfort and performance in their fishing accessories.

Characteristics of the JLC M&W Model TL1 Gloves:

– Elastic, breathable and quick-drying material.
– High resistance microfiber in the palm of the hand.
– Non-slip protection layer in the grip area of ​​the cane.
– 3D design on the fingers, which increases the compression and ergonomics of the glove in that area.
– Flexible wristband, which helps us to place the glove, in addition to reducing pressure on the wrist.
– Protection against blows in the palm of the hand.

Sizes: M, L, XL

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