Señuelo Hart Bullet jig Inchiku // 80g

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Bala plomada INCHIKU 30.06 80gr - 02
Bala plomada INCHIKU 30.06 80gr - 04

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Description of the INCHIKU 80g jig :

This inchiku, or bullet jig, is like a bullet with an exciting vinyl tail armed with a double Asari Assist Hook . When descending it does not do it "lead" like a conventional jig, but planning.

His collecting work is more horizontal than vertical. Going down, the skirt folds above the bullet and on the way up it stays below, generating an irresistible action for predators. The recovery of the lure must be slow and with pauses, interspersing light and brief wrist blows.

Features of the INCHIKU 80g jig:

  • Weight: 80 grams

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