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Description of the HART SLIDER DUCK

This next-generation hybrid duck is made of 1,000 Denier PVC , reinforced on both the top and bottom. The interior of this structure is made up of a rigid framework of polyester mesh that retains air, gives body to the structure and prevents it from becoming round like a ball when inflated, achieving a duck that is much less bulky and with more usable space than traditional ducks. Thanks to this construction, the duck can be inflated to a much higher pressure than a standard PVC duck, reaching up to 15 Psi (1.03 bar) maximum . Combining all these characteristics, we get a much more resistant, faster and more navigable duck and with more load capacity than a PVC duck. The Slider comes equipped with a high pressure seat , large capacity pockets, aluminum reinforcement bar and oars. It also has rear support for electric motor and keels to improve stability and maneuverability.

Supplied with high-flow foot pump and transport bag.

Maximum load: 200 kilos.

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