Señuelo Jig Hart the Edition B-Runner // 60g, 80g



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Hart the Edition B-RUNNER -60gr - PG
Hart the Edition B-RUNNER -60gr - 2082
Hart the Edition B-RUNNER -60gr - 5020

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Description of Hart the Edition B-RUNNER - 60gr

If what you are looking for is to start in the world of jigging, this Hart the Edition B-RUNNER - 60gr is for you. It is a leaded jig type artificial lure to practice slow jigging , a modality that provides very good results. Its teardrop-shaped design will make it easy for you. At the head and tail are double assists. Weight is distributed evenly, keeping one side of your body asymmetrical . This will ensure a lateral movement that will attract predators.

Specifications of Hart the Edition B-RUNNER - 60gr

  • Size: 60 gr. / 95mm
  • Action depth: jig

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