Señuelo Jig Hayabusa Jack Eye Hirarin // 25mm, 28mm, 31mm / 3g, 5g, 7g

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UV Pink Sardine Luminous
UV Blue Sardine Pearl
UV Red Gold Luminous Orange
Silver-Blue Luminous

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Description of the JACK EYE HIRARIN lure:

The Hayabusa Jack Eye Hirarin Lure is a very versatile jig that can be used for different types of fishing and picks up a wide range of targets such as small blue fish (herring, mackerel...), mackerel, rock fish, barracuda, horse mackerel...

It is presented as a 2021 novelty, being a high quality microjig and presentation in all its aspects, mounted with two reinforced hayabusa gold hooks, very bright colors, 3D eye and very small for rockfishing , a real candy for the most voracious .

It attracts its targets due to its slow fall and flatter movement. Its visibility is high, which improves handling and causes bite due to changes in its view.

Characteristics of the JACK EYE HIRARIN lure:

Weight Size Hooks
3g 25mm 2 assists
5g 28mm 2 assists
7g 31mm 2 assists

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