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Description of the JACK EYE MAKIMAKI VIB lure:

It has 4 different hooks for different swimming speeds, the more the lure is set forward, the greater the angle created and the greater the resistance to water . The low position of the hook allows you to recover the blade at low speed, varying the position of the hook towards the back the swimming speed will increase.

Depending on the position of the hook you can fish faster or slower and deeper . The rear hook also allows vertical fishing. The Colorado blade oscillates from right to left sending reflections to the sides and bottom of the lure. Lure. The holographic coating varies from one side of the Decoy to the other, thus multiplying the light signals.

Lastly, 3D eyes are positioned on each side of the Lure for added realism. This lure will be perfect for use both from the shore to jigging and from a boat, kayak or from a fishing duck. It will be effective both in the sea and in fresh water on pike, catfish, sea bass, pollock, bonito... A more or less rapid linear animation depending on the position of the hook by surveying the desired layer of water will be particularly effective. Its shape allows effortless long-distance casting.

Characteristics of the JACK EYE MAKIMAKI VIB lure:

  • 2 No. 2 treble hooks with a nickel-plated finish.
  • Ultra robust coating (6 layers of Varnish, 3 of which are epoxy + 1 with UV treatment)
  • Length: 11cm
  • Weight: 40g

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