Señuelo Jig Hayabusa Jack Eye Makinomy // 30g, 60g

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1 - UV Blue Sardine
2 - UV Pink Sardine
7 - Silver Blue Glow Zebra
4 - UV Red Gold Blue Glowberry

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Description of the JACK EYE MAKINOMY lure:

The Hayabusa brand Jack Eye Makinomy is an extremely easy to use metal jig .

His body sways from side to side displaying his asymmetrical holographic livery , with the simple linear retrieval of the spool.

It is fitted with two ISAKI holo flash red hooks on the front and another ISEAMA on the back. The spoon on the back rotates while attracting the curiosity of predators with its sparkles.

Features of the JACK EYE MAKINOMY lure:

  • Weight: 30g, 60g
  • Front hooks: HISAKE Holo flash Red
  • Hooks: ISEAMA

Reference: FS432.

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