Braided Tailwalk PeeWee WX4 Multicolor // 2.0

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Description of Tailwalk PeeWee WX4 Multicolor:

The Tailwalk PeeWee WX4 Marked is a high quality 4 strand "Ultra Dyneema" multicolor braid designed and manufactured in Japan for freshwater and sea fishing.

Braiding, contrary to what many people believe, is one of the most important parts of our equipment. Our "connection channel" with the lure when it comes to animating it and the one that must resist friction and tension in the fight with the fish. A bad braid, rough and that catches water spoils the best of equipment causing us to be unable to move the lure properly or reach the bottom with it, to reach long casting distances, or to lose fish in the fight... things that with a good braiding would have been avoided without problems...

In this "marked" version, the color of the line changes every 10 meters, which helps us enormously in vertical fishing to identify how deep the lure goes, thus avoiding snags on the bottom. It also allows us to know at what depth they are biting and work the lure directly in that area. The Tailwalk PeeWee is designed for all types of fishing and has a high load capacity for its diameter due to the method used for manufacturing, the "WX method". Its best quality is undoubtedly its resistance to abrasion.

The Tailwalk PeeWee braid is soft and slippery to the touch, achieving a reduction in friction, linearity of the almost circular braid, allowing the Tailwalk PeeWee WX4 braid to be able to leave the spool at a high speed and pass through the rings without slowing down. increasing our casting distance and sinking speed compared to other braids. We have tested it with 1 gram lead heads with a 0.6PE diameter, achieving truly amazing casts for the weight of the lure.

Quality Construction:

Tailwalk has used in the manufacture of the PeeWee a new method called "WX construction method" that achieves a very high density of "knots" or "braids" per inch of thread, which is called HD 4 BLADE (high density 4 yarn twist), which translates into: A notable increase in resistance compared to a normal PE braid line, as well as a better ability to support intermediate knots. An increase in the smoothness and uniformity of the surface that reduces friction and noise when passing through the rings, also producing much less wear on the line. Improves the impermeability of the thread and reduces the amount of salt that it absorbs. Pee Wee is a line that hardly "takes water" which means that its casting capacity does not worsen with use.

The most important "Made in Japan"...

We tell you this because the Japanese are extremely strict when it comes to measuring their threads. A PE1 will always be a genuine PE1. We are sick of seeing people tell us "because I fish with a PE1.5 and it is difficult for me to reach the bottom with the lure", and when we show him the thickness of Tailwalk's PE1.5 he is surprised at how thin a PE1 really is. .5 . Other markets like the American one are not so strict and of course, sometimes we see wires with a lot of supposed resistance that really comes from the fact that the thickness of the wire is much greater than what it indicates. With the Tailwalk PeeWee you can be sure that you fish with the measure you want.


The Pee Wee Marked is marked so that we are able to measure each meter of thread. This is fundamental in vertical fishing because we don't always want to fish stuck to the bottom since on many occasions we find the fish suspended eating midwater. In addition, it will be easy for us to avoid hooking with the bottom once we know at what depth we are fished.

With color change every 10 meters, yellow marks every 5 meters, and black and yellow marks every meter, it is very easy to control how deep the lure moves at any given time.

  • Tailwalk PeeWee WX4 Multicolor features:

    • Model: PeeWee Marked 200m 2.0PE
    • Maximum resistance: 13.7 kg.
    • Diameter: 0.242mm.

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