XIPI JLC // 30g, 60g, 90g, 120g, 150g, 180g



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Bright Red #9
Pirates #3
Pink sparkles #8
mother of pearl #4

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Description of the XIPI JLC lure:

The JLC brand manufactures vinyl lures in an artisanal way.

XIPI JLC® (registered industrial design), offers the same realism, navigation and underwater brightness , in addition to its characteristic and unique movements, changing color underwater, as its “big brother” the JLC® SQUID.

It offers a range of true colors which produce unique flashes and reflections underwater. It comes in various weights, to adapt to all types of fishermen, thus expanding its utility and versatility of use.

XIPI JLC® can be used for jigging, light jigging, spinning, or even trolling. 100% versatility!

You can combine it with the JLC auxiliary hook and with the JLC squid tentacles , to increase its attractiveness to predators.

Characteristics of the XIPI JLC lure:

body length Lead Ass Weight Lead butt length Mounted lure measurements
170mm 30g 14mm 184mm
170mm 60g 23mm 193mm
170mm 90g 31mm 201mm
170mm 120g 40mm 210mm
170mm 150g 42mm 212mm
170mm 180g 42mm 212mm

References JLCXIPI30, JLCXIP60, JLCXIP90, JLCXIP120, JLCXIP150 and JLCXIP180.

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