Señuelo Pajarita Breaden MetalEgi // 43g

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Breaden Metalegi's Squidjig Description

The Breaden Metalegi 31 is a lure for squid and cuttlefish fishing from a boat in intermediate depth areas.

Breaden is one of the best-known brands in Japan in Eging fishing and squid fishing from a boat and following its innovative line, it has created the metalegi with a different shape from the usual leaded squid fishing lures.

The Breaden Metalegi is a completely metallic lure , valid both for vertical fishing and for long-distance launching to locate squid banks working at different depths.

We can use it mounted alone at the end of the line or with one or two small egis mounted above it for vertical fishing. Its holographic and phosphorescent colors quickly attract the attention of cephalopods, and the peculiar design of its body, perfectly balanced towards the front , makes the landing very natural, unlike with most metallic squid lures that tend to fall flatter and less natural.

To animate it, we give 2 or 3 jerks, not too fast, in which the lure goes up making sideways movements and attracting the attention of the squids. In the last pull we quickly tighten the line and follow the fall of the lure with the tip of the rod to detect the bite since it will be in this fall where most of the bites occur. Do not forget to see the video that we attach in which it is appreciated how to handle it mounted alone and in vertical fishing.

Finished with very natural 3D eyes and a discreet but sharp single crown, the Metalegi is a perfect lure either to use alone or to put at the end of a series of squid lures.

Using the Breaden Metal Egi at the end of the line instead of the traditional jig, we managed to give the lures extra movement, both in falls and rises, which is very effective in vertical squid fishing.

Breaden Metalegi Squidjig Features

  • Weight: 43g in the normal model and 31g in the light model
  • Length: 8.5cm
  • 3d eyes
  • Holographic and Phosphorescent Finishes>

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