Señuelo Vinilo Jumprize Bachi // 60mm

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Bachi Vinyl Description

Breaden's Bachi is a vinyl lure that imitates polychaetes, worms, included in the diet of most fish for light spinning , rockfishing or ajing . A worm with spectacular effectiveness that manages to bite less common fish with spinning equipment such as bream, blacksmiths, etc.

Ajing fishing is one of the most popular in Japan, and Breaden is one of the most recognized brands in this modality in the Japanese market due to the effectiveness of its lures.

Breaden has sought the imitation of a moving worm to make it more attractive to fish, giving the lure greater realism when we move it very slowly near the bottom or during the fall.

  • Great realism : Even the small appendages of the worms have been reproduced to give it more realism.
  • Soft and scented vinyl : The texture of the vinyl is smooth and uniform and it is also impregnated with essences that make the fish not afraid even with the lure stationary on the bottom. Being very useful for fishing for bottom fish such as blacksmiths, gilthead bream and bream.
  • Phosphorescent glitter : Some models have included phosphorescent glitter that makes them light up in a very special way, giving a very interesting luminosity to the vinyl that surrounds it, more natural than when the vinyl itself is the one that illuminates when it is loaded with light .
  • To make assembly easier, the part where the hook stem is housed is straight, leaving two thirds of the lure free to activate our movements or the current.

How to use it?

  • Slowly down the bottom: Together with the Sumo Breaden heads doing a slow fishing the tail will stay up and moving making the lure more attractive. Let it sit on the bottom for a few seconds from time to time. Very useful for fishing bottom fish such as blacksmiths, gilthead bream, bream and even sea bass.
  • Darting: With the Breaden Killer Dart heads, since its long and thin body makes the electric movement of this type of fishing a little more fluid and sinuous than with a conventional darting vinyl
  • Its high buoyancy allows us to give it movement while keeping it suspended in the current if we use very light heads.

Horse mackerel, sea bass and oblada mounted with very light heads and bottom fish such as blacksmiths, cows, scorpions, bream and even bream, will be the target fish for Breaden's Bachi.

Characteristics of Bachi vinyl

  • Size: 60mm
  • 10 units per blister

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