Señuelo Jig Jumprize Momo Punch // 30g, 45g, 60g, 80g

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Description of the JUMPRIZE MOMO PUNCH lure:

The Momo Punch is the new Jig for shore jigging from Jumprize . Designed by Yuki Inoue, it is a thin and thin looking jig that achieves a very different movement to jigs of the same type.

Thin and streamlined appearance, plus a slow movement on the drop, typical of thicker, teardrop-shaped jigs.

It is the key to the Momo Punch, which stands out for combining these two concepts that we do not usually find together in a jig. Like all Yuki Inoue's designs, Momo Punch has a great job behind it until it achieves the action he is looking for. These movements are achieved thanks to having reduced the thickness to the maximum and to the curve of its rear part .

  • Fine and stylized: Its appearance makes it resemble prey fish so sought after by predators such as anchovies or sardines. In addition, when moving, it seems smaller than it really is, so it gets bites from fish of all sizes.
  • Slow undulating fall: The Momo Punch in the descents with the loose line, has an undulating fall and drawing the fall of a leaf from a tree. A classic move from teardrop slow jigging jigs.

If we add to its stylized appearance the effectiveness of the slow and undulating fall of a teardrop jig, we are facing a very effective jig that is out of the ordinary.

How to use it?

The Momo Punch is valid for fishing from the shore and boat, since it has a great movement in vertical fishing as well as fishing from the shore.

  • One pitch-One jerk: Or what is the same, a turn of the crank for a pull of the rod. With this way of moving it, typical of slow jigging, we achieve an erratic movement in nervous ups and downs. With this collection we encourage the attack of the predator that thinks it is facing a fish with problems.
  • Wobbling marked on linear pickups. In linear collections it has a great vibration. We try to imitate with it the flight of a fish.
  • Undulating descent: The descents of the lure must be done with the line completely relaxed so that it can fall slowly, displaying all its movement. In them it makes a vibrating fall and a movement in the form of a falling leaf in which we will have a large number of bites.

How to mount it?

The Momo Punch admits different ways to put the hooks on it:

  • A single assist hook at the front. Recommended for slow jigging movements. We can also use another assist hook on the back.
  • Two assist hooks at the rear. Recommended for more linear collections.

Characteristics of the JUMPRIZE MOMO PUNCH lure:

  • Weight: 30g
  • Length: 102mm
  • Action: Wobble Slide
  • Momo Punch 45g:
  • Weight: 45g
  • Length: 124mm (114mm without taking the ring into account)
  • Action: Wobble Slide
  • Recommended Hook Size: Approximately #1/0 - #2/0.
  • Weight: 60g
  • Length: 147mm
  • Action: Wobble Slide
  • Weight: 80g
  • Length: 167mm
  • Action: Wobble Slide

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