Señuelo Minnow Jumprize Rowdy // 130mm / 22g

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Description of the Jumprize ROWDY 130F lure

Unstable swimming, high casting capacity and grip in the water column. Three fundamental characteristics for sea bass fishing and other marine predators.

The Rowdy 130F is designed to generate certain imperfections in your swim. Yuki Inoue, its designer, was based on the fact that no creature performs a millimeter equal action and multiplied these small imperfections in the Rowdy 130F's swimming.

The Rowdy 130F proposal is a natural irregular swimming. You will have obtained bites when carrying out an irregular collection with jerking or altering the collection rhythm. Many of us create these irregularities by modifying collection patterns. It is common to have obtained large fish by creating these irregularities. The Rowdy 130F incorporates these irregularities in constant pickup.

High casting capacity. Its blade is integrated into the body trying not to break a classic airplane wing profile. A cast-oriented profile. This paddle places you in the water column that goes from 60 to 130cm deep and allows you to hold onto this water column in strong sea conditions.

This, added to a well designed weight transfer channel mounted with tungsten balls, allows the Rowdy 130F to be a very casting lure even in unfavorable wind situations. Typical conditions in Japanese Pacific waters for which the Rowdy 130F was designed.

Characteristics of the Jumprize ROWDY 130F lure

  • Length: 130mm
  • Weight: 22g
  • Type: Floating
  • Action: Variable and irregular Wobbling & Rolling
  • Depth: 60~130cm
  • Hook: Owner ST-46 #4
  • Rings: Original Owner #4 (50lbs)

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