Jumprize Two Limit 93 Stream Battle Rod // 2.83m - 7-32g

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The most “light” model of the new Jumprize Two Limit series, these rods are designed to fish and fight good fish with rather small lures. In addition to its elastic toecap, characteristic of the Two Limit, the lower part of the TWO LIMIT 93 Stream Battle is reinforced to make it more rigid and provide an extra reserve of power to finish the fight with the fish as soon as possible.

The length of this model is very versatile, being long enough to fish in rocky and high settings, and at the same time very valid for more comfortable settings such as beaches and estuaries. One of the so-called allround rods, that is to say that they can be easily adapted to different types of scenarios.

JUMPRIZE TWO LIMIT 93 STREAM BATTLE rod characteristics:

  • Length: 2.83m
  • Folding length: 144cm
  • Weight: 159g
  • Action: 7-32g
  • Rings: fuji SIC-S
  • Fuji reel seat with Back Stopper.

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