Señuelo Paseante Hundido Jumprize Kattobi Bou Shallow Light // 130mm / 30g

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Description of the JUMPRIZE Kattobi Bou Shallow Light lure:

He Jumprize Kattobi Bou 130 Shallow Light is a lure based on the already famous Kattobi Bou 130 BR with 8 grams less than this, keeping the same size, which will allow us to fish in places and situations where its heavier brother would be excessive.

In the Jumprize Kattobi Bou 130 Shallow Light the most remarkable thing is its flight capacity, almost comparable to metal lures type jigs.

Thus, we have a great lure with 2 variants and qualities , thus completely covering long-distance fishing in different types of scenarios, from calmer fishing in shallow areas to aggressive fishing in deep beaches and cliff areas.

Once in the water, the Kattobi Bou 130 Shallow Light resembles a wounded fish , which allows us a wide variety of pickups.

  • in collections very fast with jerking performs a erratic movement that mimics that of fleeing prey and prompts the predator to attack.
  • in collections slower with stop s has a soft rolling and an undulating fall movement (rolling fall) very soft that simulates an injured fish.
  • Continuous pickup with the rod at a 45 degree inclination, it tails like a minow.

    Characteristics of the JUMPRIZE Kattobi Bou lure:

    • Long. 130mm
    • Weight: 30g
    • Swimming depth: 0-1m
    • Action: Variable rolling and rolling fall
    • Recommended hooks: Treble sizes #3 and #4

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