Señuelo Paseante Hundido Jumprice Kattobi Bou BR // 130mm / 38g

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Lens Candy Glow Belly
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Description of the JUMPRIZE Kattobi Bou lure:

He Jumprize Kattobi Bou 130BR is a sinking walker for spinning fishing that It will allow us to fish at distances we never dreamed of.

If we add to this a large erratic movement when reeling in and an undulating drop at the stops that instantly attracts the attention of predators such as leerfish, bluefish, sea bass, bonito, little tunny, etc... we have a lure that will quickly find its place among the fixed ones of our fishing box.

The most remarkable thing about the Jumprize Kattobi Bou 130BR is undoubtedly its ability to fly in any weather condition, its shape and its 38 g make it look like a real "long-range missile" flying in a super stable way and achieving casts that only totally metallic lures were capable of achieving.

Once in the water the Kattobi Bou 130BR resembles a wounded fish , which allows us a great variety of pickups.

  • in collections very fast with jerking performs a erratic movement that mimics that of fleeing prey and prompts the predator to attack.
  • in collections slower with stops has a soft rolling and an undulating fall movement (rolling fall) which encourages the fish to attack the lure.

Characteristics of the JUMPRIZE Kattobi Bou lure:

Length: 130mm
Weight: 38g
Swimming depth: 0-3m
Action: Variable rolling and rolling fall
Recommended hooks: Triple sizes #3 and #4

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